Use the bot for free until he bring you income!

    The system, automatically making a large number of transactions inject your capital on average 0.3% - 5% per day. All money is in your BINANCE personal account.
    Our bot only makes profitable purchase and sale transactions!

Easy way to get passive income

Our service is intended for automatic trade in cryptocurrency and does not require much time to control and track work. You can devote at all of your time and get a good passive income.

Regular income

The service finds on the stock exchange the most favorable conditions for thousands of profit transactions

Bot trader

Bot, following the algorithm and settings, puts the order to the stock exchange

Full statistics

Statistics on the cycles of work of bots on orders. Earnings statistics


We are confident in the quality of our services, so we offer 100% MoneyBack 7 days

Trade from the cloud

Perform 24 hours a day. You do not need to constantly monitor the work of the bot

Without loss

The service uses the most advanced trade algorithms

Features and opportunities

User revenues are formed by holding thousands of rapid and instant transactions


Protection against trade in the inappropriate moments of time


Simultaneous trade in several trading pairs


All your funds are stored in your account on the Binance Stock Exchange


Full transparency, you can observe each of thousands of transactions

Ready to start?

General statistics By system

At the moment, the service is connected 1 largest Binance Exchange over the API to obtain real-time cryptocurrency prices.

In the future, we will connect other stock exchanges at the request of our users.

  • 133

    Active bots
  • 2639

    Total users

Cryptobirja Binance And Flawless-bot

Use the bot for free until he bring you income!

  • You do not pay anything yet Flawless-bot will not work for you
  • We do not have a subscription fee
  • Our Commission is only 20% only with profits

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